Frequently Asked Questions

Grapes (3)

  1. What type of grape is Brunello?
    Brunello is a clone of the Sangiovese grape and can produce very fine, long lived wines that are dominated by dark fruit flavors. The Brunello grape is also known as the Sangiovese Grosso.
  2. What is Pinotage?
    A red grape that was developed and is grown in South Africa. It makes smooth textured wines with lots of fruit flavors. Pinotage is a cross of Pinot Noir and Cinsault.
  3. Can you list the common types of wine making grapes?
    Chenin Blanc

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Regions (2)

  1. Where is the largest wine producing regions in the world?
    The five largest producers of wine in the world were, in order, Italy, France, Spain, the United States, and Argentina.
  2. Where are the wine producing regions in India?
    Nasik Region(Maharastra State) is the biggest wine producing region in India. This region includes Pune, Nasik and Ahmed Nagar. It is above 800 meter sea level. Several top wineries are located in this area.

Wines (2)

  1. What temperature shoud I serve my wine?
    Optimal Wine Serving Temperatures :
    White Wines: 45-50 °F or 7-10 °C
    Red Wines: 50-65 °F or 10-18 °C
    Rosé Wines: 45-55 °F or 7-13 °C
    Sparkling Wines: 42-52 °F or 6-11 °C
    Fortified Wines: 55-68 °F or 13-20 °C

  2. Wine Tasting Tips
    Prior to tasting a wine, ensure that the wine is at the right temperature. The right choice of glass enhances the taste and increases your appreciation of a wine. Start with a clear, thin glass with stem and the rim of the glass should bend inwards to help funnel aromas to the nose, and allow you to swirl without spilling. Never hold the glass by its bowl, only by its stem.
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